Epik High - 8th Album ‘Shoe Box’ Preview Promo!

  1. Encore
  2. Happen Ending (ft. Jo Won Sun [ROLLERCOASTER])[TITLE TRACK]
  3. Rich (ft. Taeyang [BIGBANG])
  4. Spoiler [TITLE TRACK]
  5. Burj Khalifa (ft. Yankie [TBNY] & Gaeko [Dynamic Duo])
  6. We Fight Ourselves (ft. Younha)
  7. Amor Fati (ft. Kim Jong Wan [Nell])
  8. Born Hater (ft. Beenzino,Verbal Jint,MINO [Winner],B.I & Bobby [iKON])
  9. Leeson 5
  10. Life Is Good (ft. Jay Park)
  11. Eyes,Nose,Lips (ft. Taeyang [BIGBANG])
  12. Shoe Box (ft. MYK)

blobyblo: 음악 감상 설정샷 #samsunglevelon

lee chaerin


me: *points at adult character who is taller, stronger and older than me* small child. must protect at all costs. shelter. very tiny

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Track: The Leaders (Remix)
Artist: Nochang ft. Black Nut
Album: 노창 천재 Remix Album
Plays: 198

best duo tbh